Womens Minority Conference

I attended the Womens Minority Conference this year a few weeks ago. There were a few presentations that discussed black culture in the US and how girls perceived the culture at OU and how they reacted based on their feelings. There was also a presentation I listened to put on by an Iranian girl who wanted to speak about stereotypes of Iranian women. I was hoping to learn a lot more about the Iranian culture and was almost a little disappointed when the main point of discussion was the hijab, mainly because I wanted to learn new things about the culture that I had never heard of before. The hijab discussion mentioned how not all women wanted to wear the hijab and she pointed out different government regulations on it. It also mentioned that some women do want to wear the hijab and do not want other women to see them as oppressed, because they wear it because they want to. Personally, I have an automatic response to respect a woman more when I see her wearing a hijab because I tend to think it shows they are not abandoning their culture and/or not afraid to show a symbol of their belief. However, this does not at all mean I do not respect middle Eastern women who do not wear the hijab. While I consider myself a very cultured person, I recognize that I do not know much about Middle Eastern Cultures compared to others and would like to learn more.

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