Winter Break in Colombia

Over Winter Break I had the fortune of going to Colombia for 2 weeks. I flew into Cartagena and spend a couple of days in the old town. It was the prettiest city I had every been to – and I’ve been to 27 countries. It was extremely colorful. The houses and streets were super dainty and cute, lively with flowers. On some of the streets there were murals, others had small triangular decorations hanging across them. There was also a cool fort you could go into with shops and street vendors. The food was pretty good, although I would have to say Panama still takes the crown for food. Since I speak Spanish, I was able to get around easily and haggle down prices.  From Cartagena we took a bus to Taganga, which is about 4 hours away. Taganga was a beach town famous for Scuba Diving. I went on 2 dives, my first ones after getting my Scuba Diving license over the summer.  It was only $50 USD! I met my scuba diving buddy at an outdoor restaurant – he randomly came up to us (group of 4 friends). His name  was Sam and he was Canadian. He told me about how he spent 8 months biking from North Carolina to Chile.

After Taganga we went to Medellin. We did a Pablo Escobar tour of one of his properties. We also went to this place with flooded hills that looked really cool. We climbed up this huge, huge, gigantic, big, massive rock called el penol to get a good view. We took a cable car up to a park at the top of Medellin called Parque Arvi and hiked around for a bit. At night we did a pub crawl with our hostel, it was super fun. The bars were somewhat small but had good dancing. One of the bars had a ball pit in it and people were diving in it. I had a blast until a British guy dove on top of me and I had a headache the next day. Another bar we went to was incredibly patriotic. They sang the Colombian national anthem at like 1 am and everyone was waving around flags shouting great things about Colombia. It was very interesting, there were alot of people dressed up in random costumes and the decorations were super over the top and eccentric. I danced on stage with a midget dressed up as Pablo Escobar.

Colombia was overall pretty nice and I felt very safe the entire time I was there. I even got to go paragliding which was for sure the highlight of my trip. The views from the air were absolutely stunning and we flew through a cloud which was incredible.  Tayrona National Park was also incredibly beautiful, but too crowded.20180106_115435 20180115_154430 20180106_145151 received_10210725067869909 20180107_110727 IMG_20180115_221916_307 Snapchat-62905416 received_10210688437274167 Screenshot_20180116-120544

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