Trips around Spain

About the third week I was in Spain, I went to Ibiza with Happy Erasmus, a cheap travel agency catered towards students studying abroad. It was pretty fun. We took a ferry from the Port of Valencia that took about 5 or 6 hours and then a bus to San Antonio, a city there. Ibiza is super famous for its nightclubs, but I didn’t go to any famous ones because it cost like 50 or 60 euros (~75$) just to get in! I heard a bottle of water was 12$ in some of the clubs, ridiculous. But I had friends that went and had alot of fun (said it probably wasn’t worth it though) . I roomed with a couple of Germans I just met and we rented a car and went around the island. One of the prettiest beaches I have ever seen was Playa Comte in Ibiza. We just lay out in the sun for hours, taking  a dip every once in a while. It felt so so perfect. We also went to a party in an abandoned zoo that was super cool. I got body painted a Peacock and some people dressed up as animals. There was a guy in a giant panda costume that was really funny.  I also went to a Children of the 80s party where they only played 80s music. We explored the castle in Eivissa and returned exhausted on the ferry.

I also took a trip to Grenada by myself. It had been a long time  since I went hiking, so I went specifically to hike in the Sierra Nevada mountains, 45 minutes away. The first 3 hours were suuuper pretty. I met a group of Czech Guys trying to summit Mulhacen, the highest point in continental Spain and joined. About 15 km in, a storm came, but we figured we might as well summit, we were so close. At 17km it got so bad we had to turn around though. It was snowing/sleeting/raining and the wind was soo strong. The visibility got really bad and we couldnt see very far ahead. We were 1.5 km away from the summit but we probably wouldve froze on the mountain if we kept going, plus we couldn’t see the trail. I was under prepared because I was only in tennis shoes walking through the snow.  So my entire body was soaked from the rain, and I was the coldest I have ever been for the longest amount of time. We hiked over 3 strenuous hours back ( another 17 km)  in the most miserable hiking conditions I have EVER endured. That is for sure the last time I am going to try to beat the storm to the mountain. It was perhaps one of the stupidest things I have ever done, because if we had gone off the trail by a bit, there is a big chance we wouldve been stuck on the mountain the entire night in less than 0 Celsius. Needless to say when I got back to my hostel I curled up trying to not get Pnemonia. But Grendada was pretty.

3 Germans, a Belgium guy, and I rented a car to go to Barcelona. It was fun, but way too many tourists. We went to a club one of the nights, Opium, where I fell asleep at the club at like 4 in the morning  on my friends shoulder when we went outside for a little break (not because it was boring, but because I was exhausted). After a 20 minute nap I was up and ready to dance again.  The nice thing about Spain is that people actually dance here, instead of just grinding like in the states. On our last day in Barcelona, we went hiking nearby in Montserrat. It was pretty cool but too many stairs.

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