Traveling to Antarctica

Antarctica has never ¬†been on the top of my list to travel to but I’ve always wanted to say I’ve been to all seven continents so someday I bet I’ll end up visiting after I’ve seen the more appealing places. Even though it seems like it would be just a freezing cold, vast expanse of snow and ice, it would still be an experience and something to learn from. I want my life to be full of experiences, and I recognize that not all of them should be good because then my perception of the world would be skewed if I only subjected myself to the pleasant and comfortable things of life. And going through bad times makes the good ones just that much better.

This year roughly 35,000 visitors went to Antarctica, there are several ways to go about traveling there. You need a permit and have to follow the Antarctic Conservation Act. You can become a villager at one of the research station, either as a scientist or a cook, plumber, etc. There are three bases on the continent operated by the National Science Foundation. The most common way to get there is via boat on a tour. The primary location to disembark from is Ushuaia in Argentina. It does require going through the Drake Passage, where the waters are famous for being dangerous and choppy.The cost of the tour is upwards of 3000 dollars and can even cost over tens of thousands of dollars. A much less feasible option for getting to Antarctica is flying. Only private operators fly, usually from South Africa or Chile. A ticket would cost no less than 20,000 dollars though.

Fun facts: There is an Antarctic  marathon on King Georges Island in subzero temperature conditions. There is a post office on a British Base in Port Lockery. The penguins are not scared of people. There are roughly 4000 people that live in Antarctica in the summer and 1000 that live there through the winter. There is a hot spring in Antarctica on Deception Island.

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