Semester in Spain

My semester in Spain has been incredible so far! I have never had so much fun in one semester. I meet a dozen new international students from Slovakia to Mexico, Lithuania to Brazil. There are so many events for Erasmus students (Europeans studying abroad in Europe) that it is very easy to meet people and make friends. 2 of my roommates are from Germany and one is from Ecuador. We started off not knowing each other, but now the German girls and I hang out all the time. There are actually a TON of Germans in Valencia studying abroad. A TON. So most of my friends here are actually German and I’ve started to learn German from them and Duolingo. Came to Spain expecting to practice Spanish, instead learning German weird right? There are also a lot of Italians here so every once in a while I get to practice my Italian, half of which I forgot from my semester in Italy. Valencia is my favorite city in Spain so far. It used to be Barcelona 3 years ago, but when I came back this year I didn’t like it so much because it was overcrowded with tourists and too many Americans.  I have visited Granada, Ibiza, and a few hiking spots around here. Next week I am going to the capital Madrid. The weather here in Valencia is fantastic. It is still in the high 60s in December!

The beach is really nice to go to, in September I was  there most days and got to play alot of sand volleyball. I would 10/10 recommend Valencia to study abroad. I live in the city center, and rent is only about 300 USD. Prime location with a huge balcony on the 11th floor overlooking the old city center. I still have a month and a half left here in Spain and am soaking up every minute of it.

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