Spanish Dinner Night

Another international event I went to this year was Spanish Dinner Night, organized by one of my friends from Spain. The dinner featured Paella, a big pan of rice and seafood. It was delicious! They also had bread with tomato stuff to put on it, and beans as well. We put on some Spanish music and had a great time. I had at least 4 plates. For desert there were these sopapilla time deals that looked like diabetes in a few bites. It was nice to have a meal themed from a certain country and I will probably have an Ecuadorian food night next semester.

I intend on studying abroad in Spain next year and am torn on which city to do it in. I loved Barcelona, but I think it might be too touristy to stay there for too long. I was highly considering Valencia, but they speak a form of Catalan and not true  Spanish. I would like to fully immerse myself in Spanish so I may do Madrid.

Spanish Dinner Night

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