Serendipitous Journey of a Chemical Engineer

Today I went to an international event. Well, kind of. It was put on by the Student Association of Bangladesh. However, the speaker primarily focused on his journey to becoming a chemical engineer, not necessarily international things. The talk was held at Meacham in the Union and served with free pizza. My friend Sakee, who I had gotten to know last year with my participation in Bangladesh culture night, introduced the speaker. His name was Dr. M Sam Mannam. He was currently a big guy at Atm and his presentation was called ‘ A serendipitous Journey for a Chemical Engineer’. Being foreign, he undoubtably ran into obstacles but overcame them in his pursuit of one of the most demanding feilds out there.

The words that stuck out to me most were that when you run into something you can either see it as 1) a problem. 2) a Challenge. and 3) an oppurtunity. It got me thinking of how a different mindset totally changes the approach to addressing a situation. Dr. Mannam took advantage of what he saw as oppurtunities, instead of problems. This allowed him to excel greatly. Overall the talk was inspirational and a reminder to always see things in a light that will end in improvement or something beneficial.

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