OU Cousins

OU Cousins is an organization on campus dedicated to cultural exchange between the international students and American students. There are events such as Bingo, Thunder games, and a BBQ where you can have fun experiences with your OU Cousin. My first year with OU cousins I had a girl from Bolivia and another year I had a girl from Asia. Although I became friends from the girl from Bolivia, I never heard any responses from my second OU Cousin unfortunately. When I went to the matching ceremony this year I wasn’t paired with anyone which was disappointing; it seems like there are always more Americans fighting to have an OU cousin than there are international students available. However, I have not let this deter me from being involved in the international community. I have a few Angolan friends that I always talk to (trying to speak with them in Portuguese) and I also unofficially attend a Portuguese class where I learnĀ  both the language and some cultural aspects fromĀ the teacher who is native to Brazil.

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