OU Cousins

This year I went to the OU Cousins matching party. I had an OU Cousin freshman year from Bolivia named Wara and was hoping I’d be able to get another one this semester. At the matching party everyone conversed with strangers, making new friends. I talked to some Germans for a while and had some popcorn. The event had a great turnout, which also came with a downside. There were many more Americans than international students, so not all of the Americans were able to get an OU Cousin. There were a few ice breakers, such as going around and signing squares for unique attributes. I didn’t meet my OU cousin at the matching party, but was later emailed with one. I tried to contact her but never heard back. Next semester there will be a new round of matching and I hope to get one that I can hang out with. The term OU Cousin is however, just a formality. I can spend time with international students outside of school programs like I did this previous weekend. I always like meeting internationals so when I come across one I always ask them about where they are from.

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