Next Stop Peru

My next trip is Peru! I booked my tickets yesterday and will be there for 15 days in August. I have been doing a lot of research. I did not want to take the Inca trail to Macchu Picchu because it is alot more crowded, expensive, and requires a permit you have to apply for 4 months in advance. In contrast, the Salkantay trail leads you to Macchu Piccu through beautiful landscapes and you can even do it unguided. It is a 5 day trek and i am STOKED. I am going with a group of four. Morgan is my friend that I met in the airport in Ecuador and traveled┬áthe country with. She also did a cross country road trip with me to Zion National Park and now she is coming to Peru with me. Just a reminder that strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet. My sister and friend Zach will also be going on the trip.

We will visit Rainbow Mountain, which is a day trip from Cusco and is basically just a colorful mountain becuase of the sediments.  There is also an oasis town called Huacachina that I plan to go to. It is not very famous but offers sandboarding. Lima will definately be on the list too since it is the capital of the country and where we are flying in and out of. We got round trip tickets for only 558 bucks! This is becuase I use SkyScanner and Skiplagged, amaazing websites I would definately advise for the budget traveller.

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