About the 4th week of school, I took a 9 day trip to Morroco. We drive in a bus of 50 erasmus kids down to the southern most tip of continental Spain. Then we took a 50 minute ferry to a city on the African continent that was still technically Spain. Once we actually got into Morocco we did a road trip around the country. I have never been in a bus for so long as in Morocco. Im pretty sure we averaged about 6 hours a day on the bus. We didn’t stop very long in any city, I wish we had more time in them. We went to Chefchaoune, a small city that was painted blue everywhere. It was super cute, with all different shades of blue. We also went to Fez where we visited a tannery, and Marrakesh where there was a large market. However, my favorite part by far was the Sahara Desert. I felt like I was in a hollywood movie, riding a camel in a caravan into the sunset in the dunes. We took the camels to a campsite in the desert where we stayed the night. They played some music for us and we danced around a bonfire. Then we sat on the dunes and watched the night sky. It was the second best starry sky I had ever seen in my life! (First being in Peru). We saw at least a dozen shooting stars, I couldn’t believe it at first. So many shooting stars! It was magical. The next day we took some 4 wheel drive vehicles into the dunes to a native village. Abruptly there was a sandstorm, and then it started raining! We were pelted with rain (the type that actually hurts) and sand and ran back to the jeeps. We were soaking wet, muddy, and having the time of our lives. I would totally go back to the Sahara. We ate a lot of Tagine and Couscous, wasn’t too impressed with the food there. Some of the landscapes we drove through actually reminded me of Utah or New Mexico. Lots of Moroccon men harassed and catcalled us, but we were never really in danger. Some of them were actually also very rude to some of my friends that were girls. One of my friends got sick on the bus and puked which wasn’t cool and there were a couple of other people that got sick.  But I sort of expect that for many of the trips I go on. Overall a great trip, especially the Sahara!

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