Invasian- Intl Event

I have never really known much about the Asian community until I started living with 3 Asian roommates. There are a lot of foods I had never known existed that I see them cooking. There were some things I learned about my roommates that seemed stereotypical, and others that broke my conceived notions about Asian culture. One day my roommates friend was telling me about some of the Asian stereotypes that she wanted others to know were not true. She invited me to an event called Invasian that had a high focus on disproving the stereotype that Asians don’t excel in the fine arts. Before she mentioned it I didn’t even know that was a stereotype. Invasian was a very fun and entertaining event. There were several dances performed and they had a special guest on the show that was big in the Asian Community. While I didn’t learn much about traditional Asian culture at all, nor was there Asian food at the event, I was able to see the how strong the Asian student community was. Everyone was cheering wildly when the pop dances were performed. They even had a mini competition to see who could flip a water bottle and land it upright the most times in a certain amount of time. Overall, Invasian was a fun experience and the girl dancers definitely outdid the guy dancers.

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