International Org and Event- SWB

Sooners without Borders is a group on campus focused on bringing awareness about people in third world countries mostly and focused on sustainability. I have gone to various meetings for Sooners without Borders throughout the year but was unfortunately not able to go on the service trip to the Dominican Republic over the summer. I was however able to attend the pop bottle build during green week this year. A pop bottle build is basically where you pour sand into a bottle (like a plastic coke bottle) and use the bottles to build a house instead of bricks. Cement is placed around the bottles to keep the form of the structure and the bottles are a cheaper alternative to using other construction materials. It recycles the water bottle waste into something useful. The purpose behind Sooners Without Borders doing a pop bottle build was not only to raise awareness about how we can be more environmentally sustainable when building a house, but it was to teach people about how people in Uganda were making some of their houses. Many people couldn’t afford ‘proper’ construction materials so they came up with a creative and cheaper way to build something. Another activity I enjoyed doing for green week with Sooners without Borders was writing a bunch of water fun facts on empty milk jugs that were later placed around campus. The fun facts were about how other people had to deal with water issues in other countries. I learned a lot about statistics associated with water and it was a good reminder not to take the amenities in the US for granted since things like clean, drinking water are not available to thousands of people.

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