Every Day living in Valencia

I am so glad I get to call Valencia my home. I love this city! Transportation costs me about $30 bucks month between taking the metro or the bus. The bus costs 1.50 if you don’t have a preloaded card , about 70 cents if you do.  You can recharge your card at various kiosks throughout the city. I use exclusively cash here because if not I get hit with a 3% fee from my bank and also whatever extra the Spanish vendor would charge for using it. To get my cash, I use Moneygram to avoid ATM fees (the ATM charges you a fee, my bank charges a fee, the exchange rate might not be the best, and they take  out a certain percantage as well, adds up pretty quick). Moneygram is a service I hadn’t heard of until about 3 days before I left for Europe. It sounded sketchy at first, but really it is super easy and there are plenty of Moneygram locations in Valencia. How it works is my mom gives cash in USD to a moneygram location in the States. After filling in some information, she receives a code. She send the code to me and I go to a Moneygram location in Valencia and pick up the equivalent in Euros. I just have to present my passport matching the information that my mom gave them, and show them the code. The fee for using Moneygram is 8$ for every 1000$ sent, so only %0.8 which is really good compared to using ATMS. I hardly every go out to eat in valencia becuase it is generally more expensive, like 13$ for a lunch meal. Kebabs are really good here and not too expensive, so every once in a while I will spoil myself with one of those.  Grocery stores are a bit more expensive but not too much, and they don’t have celery. Meat is more expensive here, so I end up eating a lot of eggs. And I discovered I really like onions here so I eat about an onion a day (cooked obviously). For lunch I often times grab a Bocadillo (sandwhich/baguette) which is really good at my school cafeteria. There are super generous with how much the fill it up. The price of drinks varies alot depending if you are in the city center or in the student area in Blasco Ibanez. Rent is really cheap, I pay 220 euros for rent each month plus 40 for utilities which is really great for being in the city center. I see the sunrise over the city every morning from my bedroom window, and the sunset over my balcony. We have a big living room great for having people over, and are appliances in the kitchen schock us if we arent wearing shoes. One time, we all held hands in a chain to see if the shock would go through all of us. It went through about 3 or 4 of us. Overall, life in Spain is great. With the beach nearby, the square 5 minutes away with always something going on. Erasmus students here treat weekdays like the weekend so there is always something fun to do. I will definitely miss Valencia..

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