This past weekend I visited Barcelona, Spain. After taking a 3 hour train to Rome and a 2 hour flight over, I got in on a Tuesday night. However, you couldn’t tell it was only a week night because there were people out and about well past midnight. My first impression was that Barcelona was beautiful and awesome. And it was spot on. Barcelona is definitely the most unique city I have been to, full of art and cool looking buildings. Gaudi is an amazing architect who designed several buildings and a park in the city. At night there is a fountain known as the Magic Fountain that has an incredible shows full of vibrant colors. The typical food there is Paella, which is rice with seafood and tapas, which are basically snack-sized portions of food. I visited Park Guell, which was colorful and had all kinds of musaiics and a gingerbread looking house. The Sagrada Familia was very big and pretty. There were random squares with people socializing everywhere. The beach was fantastic and was actually man made with sand imported from North Africa. Overall, Barcelona was my favorite city so far!

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