A little bit about me

My name is Janella Clary and I am from Houston, TX. I’m a Freshmen at OU going for a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and a minor Spanish and International Studies. A few fun facts: I don’t like chocolate, I played water polo, I like heist movies, I can speak Spanish, I have no pets, I ate a guinea pig and chicken foot once, and I am very passionate about Ecuador(later on that) since I am half Ecuadorian. I am a part of Global Engagement Fellows, OU Cousins, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Sooner Servants, Sooners for Christ, inter mural sports teams, and E-1 Club. I plan on joining UPB next semester. I love OU and OU football! especially Blake Bell. I love to travel and want to go everywhere!(almost). Places I want to hit up include but not limited to: Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Brazil, Costa Rica, Thailand, China, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Peru, Spain, South Africa, etc. I intend on studying abroad fall semester at OU Arezzo! There are so many opportunities offered that I want to take advantage of and can’t wait for adventure. Life is exciting!

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