As I am half Ecuadorian, I am very passionate about Ecuador. It is like a second home to me. I have visited there 5 times and love it every time! I have family in Quito but have toured the entire country. It is a beautiful country with lovable people. I love the culture-especially the food! It is always so delicious. My favorite foods are the empanadas, the soups, and ceviche. Some “weird” things I’ve eaten are guinea pig, called ‘cuy’ and a chicken foot. (The guinea pig was one of the tastiest things I’ve ever had. The chicken foot was just aight). The pineapple melts in your mouth, the fruit is so fresh. You can just walk into a traditional market and get some.

Everyone expects Ecuador to be hot since it is located on the equator but in reality the temperature is pretty nice. The landscape is incredible. You have the mountains, jungle, and beaches! One of my favorite cities is called Banos. It has over 2000 waterfalls! Apart from it being so lush and pretty there were so many adventurous things we did! My family and I went rafting(class 5!) down a fast river, horseback riding up a volcano, canyoning, hiking, and puenting. Well, I was the only one brave enough to do puenting. I jumped off a bridge over rushing waters harnessed to a rope that swung me back and forth.

I’ve also climbed Mount Cotopaxi(didn’t summit) which at the top is the point closest to the sun in the entire world! (Not Mt.Everest). Iv’e parasailed, petted llamas, stood on both hemispheres a the same time, jumped off waterfalls, swam in Pirhana lake, seen Pink-bellied dolphins, took a cruise down a branch of the Amazon, witnessed a Quecha(native Indians of the jungle) ritual, and many more things!

Ecuador is what planted the desire for adventure in me. After having so many memorable experiences there I want to see what other places have to offer, as everything has its own beauty. I’ve seen marvelous things that very few people have gotten to see. As a result I consider myself blessed beyond measures by the God who’s amazing handiwork is seen everywhere. I hope it’s in his plan for me to travel the world and meet new people, hopefully making a good impact on every foreign land I set foot in!


International Bazaar

The International Bazaar is held every year to celebrate cultures from all around the world. There were booths set up representing various countries and music and dancing. At one of the middle eastern tables there was Henna tattooing and I got my name written in Arabic. The Colombian table had artifacts that made me a little nostalgic about Ecuador. Overall, it was interesting but a bit smaller than I expected. I think it could be improved by having samples of each countries cuisine at the booth.

Name written in Arabic
Name written in Arabic


Non global class (prompt)

My Calculus class would seemingly have nothing to do with global engagement, but in reality the professor is foreign so international understanding is involved. My professor is a very nice man, but he is so hard to understand. He came from China and carries a very thick accent. It is easier to have patience in trying to understand him because I am aware of the struggles of immigrating and immersing oneself in a foreign language. Instead of expecting him to improve, I have learned to teach myself the material.

A little bit about me

My name is Janella Clary and I am from Houston, TX. I’m a Freshmen at OU going for a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and a minor Spanish and International Studies. A few fun facts: I don’t like chocolate, I played water polo, I like heist movies, I can speak Spanish, I have no pets, I ate a guinea pig and chicken foot once, and I am very passionate about Ecuador(later on that) since I am half Ecuadorian. I am a part of Global Engagement Fellows, OU Cousins, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Sooner Servants, Sooners for Christ, inter mural sports teams, and E-1 Club. I plan on joining UPB next semester. I love OU and OU football! especially Blake Bell. I love to travel and want to go everywhere!(almost). Places I want to hit up include but not limited to: Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Brazil, Costa Rica, Thailand, China, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Peru, Spain, South Africa, etc. I intend on studying abroad fall semester at OU Arezzo! There are so many opportunities offered that I want to take advantage of and can’t wait for adventure. Life is exciting!

OU Cousins

OU Cousins is a program where an international student is pared with an American student with a purpose to share experiences and attend fun events while learning about each others cultures. Going into the program I was super excited. At the matching party, I found various internationals I seemed to click with. However, they had already been pared, so I was pared with my OU cousin through on online process. Unfortunately, my OU cousin is not inclined to be responsive and has not demonstrated a desire to be a part of the program as she won’t contact me back. Nevertheless, I am still happy to be a part of the OU Cousins program. The events are fun and I get to meet a lot of people, especially internationals. The pumpkin carving and ornament decorating was fun! I hope my OU cousin starts talking to me, but if not, I am excited for a new one next year and the rest of the events this year!

Pumpkin Carving
Pumpkin Carving
Pumpkin Carving
Pumpkin Carving

Experiences at OU and Abroad